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Zoffany | Английские обои и ткани премиум класса


Zoffany is one of the world’s leading names in luxury fabric and wallpaper design.  

From its exclusive beginnings supplying historic wallcoverings for private commissions to its current status as an internationally renowned fabric and wallpaper house, Zoffany has established a reputation for high quality and innovative design, providing a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic in both contemporary and period interiors. 

Inspired by a unique archive of original fabric and wallpaper documents, Zoffany continues to create beautiful products that embody the brand’s commitment to quality, heritage and innovation. Its portfolio includes wallpaper, fabrics, trimmings, upholstery, rugs and paint for use in residential and contract applications. Zoffany operates within the luxury sector of the interiors market, designing and producing wallpapers, fabrics, trimmings and paint used by leading interior designers and architects all over the world. 

Company History

Founded in 1983 as a specialist wallpaper company, Zoffany’s first collection was based on the reproduction of historic wallcoverings from Temple Newsam, a Tudor-Jacobean country house in Leeds, Yorkshire. 

After studying document fragments, the Zoffany team set about meticulously recreating these designs, producing wallpapers that gave the impression of having been in situ for many years. 

The secret to achieving the glamorous but understated aesthetic for which Zoffany became known lay in the subtlety of the design and the superior quality of the materials used. Today, these rigorous standards of design and production continue to underpin everything the company creates. 

The success of the Temple Newsam collection and subsequent ranges led to Zoffany becoming recognised as one of the UK’s foremost wallpaper companies. The same exacting principles were subsequently applied to fabrics, trimmings and paint as the company extended its product portfolio. 

Today, Zoffany’s products can be found in countless private residences and luxury hotels around the world. 

The company is also renowned for its archive of original documents, which includes rich weaves, luxurious velvets and opulent wallcoverings, painstakingly assembled from around the world via auctions and donations from Zoffany customers. Some of these date from the 17th century, while the majority are of 18th century origin. 

This unique resource provides a constant source of inspiration for Zoffany’s talented design team. Each new collection references the past while employing cutting edge production techniques, driving the company forward as a source of timeless and distinctive furnishings.

While its products recreate the quality and craftsmanship of a bygone age, Zoffany is a youthful and energetic company that draws on the creativity of contemporary designers as well as the work of artists and historical documents. Its emergence over the past three decades as one of the fastest growing and most respected brands in the luxury sector of the interiors industry is testament to the expertise and passion that goes into every Zoffany product.  

The Archive

Zoffany’s unique design archive is made up of fabric documents and fragments, passementerie, wallpaper samples and fragments, plus original designs, sketches and furniture screens. The collection comprises items that have been selected, bought or donated by customers from around the world and which date from the early 17th century through to the 20th century. 

“These samples often come to us in fragmented sections,” explains Claire Vallis, Zoffany’s Design Director, “which we then piece back together to reveal the pattern repeat. Alternatively we may receive wallpaper sections with decades if not centuries of wallpapers applied one on top of the other. We carefully peel away each successive layer to see what is revealed. It is often through this process that we are able to date many of the designs we find.”

The historical treasures contained within the Zoffany archive include a rare collection of passementerie dating from the 1700s to the mid-19th century; a fabric sample depicting a thistle, which we discovered had originally been part of an outfit for Bonnie Prince Charlie; an original pencil sketch of a self-portrait of Johann Zoffany, undertaken we believe in the late 18th century; and a collection of wallpaper fragments from Glamis Castle, the former home of the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. 

Design Ethos

While English and French 18th and 19th century documents originally formed the nucleus of Zoffany’s style, today the studio seeks inspiration from an increasingly wide range of sources. In addition to relying on the extensive Zoffany archive as a source of imagery and ideas, the design team combines elements from fine art, architecture and antiques. This diversity of influences brings a fresh perspective to classic designs, while the pioneering use of colour, cutting edge techniques and materials ensures Zoffany’s continued evolution. 

The Business

Zoffany is part of Walker Greenbank PLC, an international group of companies responsible for the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of wallcoverings, furnishing fabrics and associated products to the middle and high end of the consumer market. Zoffany’s modern and spacious head office at Denham, Buckinghamshire accommodates the Studio, Archive, Customer Service, Export, Contract Sales, Purchasing, Marketing and Accounts departments.


Zoffany can state with pride that the majority of its wallpapers, printed fabrics, upholstered furniture, trimmings and paint are British products. 

Not only are most Zoffany wallpapers and printed fabrics manufactured in the UK, they are made by factories within the Walker Greenbank Group, all of which have clear and firm commitments and initiatives when it comes to sustainability and care of the environment.

Zoffany fabrics printed in the North West of England are printed at the Standfast and Barracks factory, which has an ongoing investment programme dedicated to improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions and controlling effluent. It is located on the lower banks of the River Lune, which provides a natural source of water for cloth preparation and finishing operations. The site also boasts its own effluent pre-treatment plant and was granted an environmental permit by the Environment Agency in 2003. 

The wallpapers printed in the East Midlands are produced equally responsibly by Anstey, another of Zoffany’s sister companies, which sources its raw materials from organisations that trade ethically, are bound by environmental controls and, in turn, have their own environmental management systems. 

The paper base for the wallpapers is supplied by organisations that source pulp from certified, sustainable forests and are accredited to FSC and/or PEFC forestry certification systems. These base material suppliers have a lengthy record of sustainable production: for forest owners there is an inbuilt necessity to replant to ensure supply is maintained over a 20-year growing cycle. Modern timber logging techniques and management systems also ensure that only selected trees are felled, thereby allowing biodiversity to be maintained. Timber is sourced from northern softwood forests accredited to ISO 9000, ISO 14001, PEFC and FSC management systems. 

Waste inks and paper are recycled wherever possible, and tight controls are maintained over energy use to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible. 

The company will continue to work closely with key partners to ensure its products are sourced to the highest possible standards in both quality and sustainability. 

The Future

Zoffany actively seeks out projects that enable the company to draw on its unique heritage. One such venture is a partnership with artist Melissa White, which resulted in the release of Arden, the most comprehensive collection to date of wallpaper and fabric designs inspired by wallpaintings of the late 16th century. 

Zoffany is also able to carry out exclusive commissions recreating archive documents or more recent designs, collaborating with interior designers and architects to produce specific requirements and special orders.

As a company, Zoffany is constantly evolving, taking inspiration from its archive and creating reproductions of historical documents in an innovative way, achieving a more contemporary look, and offering an international colour palette. 

Building on its reputation for excellence, Zoffany will continue to develop stunning products that inspire and excite interior designers around the world, maintaining its position as a market leader in the luxury sector through innovation, creativity and quality. 

Product Range


The Zoffany wallpaper range comprises non-woven (also known as “paste the wall” paper), traditional paper, embossed vinyl, holographic and foil substrates. These are printed using gravure, flexographic, flock, surface, surflex, scatter and grit machines in a wide variety of styles that includes striés, stripes, textured plains, damasks, geometrics, florals and Toiles de Jouy. All Zoffany wallcoverings are produced in the UK. 


The Zoffany range of luxury furnishing fabrics includes jacquard weaves, striés, cut and uncut velvets, silks, embroideries, linen and cotton prints, digital prints and a wide range of plains suitable for curtains, upholstery and soft furnishings. These are available in a wide selection of styles including florals, botanicals, stripes, classic damasks, modern geometrics, chinoiserie, Toiles de Jouy, Elizabethan and Rococo designs.


Zoffany’s comprehensive range of trimmings includes picot braids, walling braids, ropes and cords, a large selection of fringes and luxurious tiebacks – all designed to work perfectly with its fabric and wallpaper ranges. 


Zoffany has designed an original collection of furniture, using traditional techniques, materials and finishes. Zoffany has created a variety of individual pieces that capture their unique style and timeless quality. Each piece of Zoffany furniture is made by highly skilled craftsmen in England using traditional handmade methods and only the finest materials.


All Zoffany rugs are made to order using only the finest natural materials; 100% pure mohair and a blend of the highest quality new Zealand wool and silk. As each rug is bespoke made, any size or shape is possible to produce up to a maximum of 4.3m x 9m. This offers huge flexibility for many different applications including, but not limited to: hall runners, very large rugs, round or oval rugs, rugs made to sit around a divan bed, or your own free-hand form.


Zoffany offers a palette of 128 colours, designed for both contemporary and traditional settings. Made in Britain and available in three finishes – flat emulsion, acrylic eggshell or eggshell – each colour has been carefully created to complement and enhance Zoffany’s fabric and wallpaper collections. 

Sales and Customer Service

Zoffany’s sales have grown consistently in recent years, led by the UK market where our fabrics and wallpapers can be found at high quality interior designers and retailers throughout the country. Our exclusive network of confrere partners (listed in the Where to Buy section) is carefully selected for their knowledge and exceptional service levels. They carry the complete range of Zoffany collections.

Sales are all serviced through Zoffany’s own dedicated and highly knowledgeable team of Area Managers.

Contract Sales

Sales are also generated through the furniture manufacturers and hotel contract market. Zoffany has a dedicated team that specialises in contract sales specification, working closely with leading designers, contractors and specifiers. The team works hard to ensure that clients receive a design led commercially viable product solution that meets international standards. 

The success of the team has established Zoffany as a key supplier to the world’s finest and most exclusive hotels.  

International sales

Zoffany has a growing international reputation and reach, with sales established in well over 50 countries worldwide. USA and France, where the brand has subsidiary operations, are key markets. The Zoffany style has also found particular favour in the emerging markets of Russia and China, where the demand for luxurious product with history and heritage is at a premium.

Stock Management

Zoffany’s stock management and distribution is supported by a leading edge computerised customer service operation. Deliveries are dispatched from the company’s centrally located distribution centre three hours after the point of order through a courier system that operates worldwide. We have set our target as best in class and our systems are fully interactive with business customers through website connections.

The Showroom

The Zoffany showroom in the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour is a stunning showcase for the brand’s wallpaper, fabric, trimmings, upholstery, rugs and paint collections. It is located on the ground floor in the Centre Dome and it also houses the Sanderson and Morris & Co brands. You can also see Zoffany at showrooms in Paris and New York. For full details see the Showrooms and Offices page.


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