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Ткани Zoffany | Коллекция Malin

The Malin Weaves collection combines a plaid, a window-pane check and a plain, woven in a warm combination of yarns that combine a viscose chenille warp with an unusual weft yarn of wool, silk, cotton and polyester spun together. This mix of yarns and fibres produce a remarkably hard-wearing, but softly tactile quality, perfect for creating heavy curtains. It is also a beautiful and practical solution for upholstery in tough environments, including family living spaces and public seating areas.The colour combinations, inspired by natural dyes, are softly tonal and reflect the heathery colours of the Northern Irish hills and mountains. Small flecks of silk, added to the yarn in the spinning process, add a subtle speckled texture, reminiscent of Donegal tweeds.

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  • Ткани Zoffany | Коллекция Malin
  • Ткани Zoffany | Коллекция Malin

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