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Ткани Sanderson | Коллекция Aegean Fabrics

Sea sprays, tumbled glass washed up on the beach, coral, fossils and wind-blown cascades of blossoms set the scene for the Aegean fabric collection, a fusion of natural organic imagery and soft mineral colours, woven and printed in a range of textural qualities.

The six luxurious weaves, three fabulous digital prints and three delicate embroideries can be used separately or together to create softly feminine, or smart and contemporary interiors. The motifs were inspired by natural elements of the seashore and the Mediterranean countryside with sparkly corals, stylised foliage and soaring birds.

 A subtle thread of oriental influence also weaves its way through the seven co-ordinated colour sets in the collection. The tonal and muted palettes are perfect for using with confidence in large areas, together with flashes of bright highlight colours to lift a scheme. The eclectic mix of designs within each set means that rooms will look like they have evolved organically.

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