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Обои Zoffany | Коллекция Woodville Papers Romey'S Garden

Romeys Garden is designed by up and coming South African artist Kelly Higgs who specialises in floral paintings and displays her love of the flora and fauna found in her native land. This exquisitely painted design features arrangements of peony branches and foliage in a simplified trail of the flowers taken from the Romeys Garden printed fabric. The result is a design that is both delicate and contemporary but which also reflects the style of Chinese papers from the late 18th century.
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Design NameRomey'S Garden
Design ScaleLarge
FR InherentMeets EN15102 Class B-s1, d0 (Inherent)
Inherent ASTM E84
FR WallpaperMeets EN15102 Class B-s1, d0 (Inherent)
MatchHalf Drop Match
Other InfoThis is a wide width wallcovering - one roll will cover an area of 6.89sqm (74.16sqft)
Vertical Pattern Repeat68.6 см (27.0")
Width68.6 см (27.0")
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