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Обои Zoffany | Коллекция Woodville Papers Phoebe

Phoebe is a design of magnificently blousy peony blooms which was painted by Lorraine Breger in the Zoffany studio using a traditional watercolour technique practised for hundreds of years by botanical artists. Layers of colour were painstakingly applied to create the subtlest shade of pink to rich carmine hues. The artist took the flower forms from life studies but the concept for the layout originated from a 19th century cotton chintz document found in the Zoffany archive. It is digitally printed on non-woven wallpaper in two colours that also exist as printed fabrics.
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  • Обои Zoffany | Коллекция Woodville Papers Phoebe
  • Обои Zoffany | Коллекция Woodville Papers Phoebe
Design NamePhoebe
Design ScaleLarge
FR InherentMeets EN15102 Class B-s1, d0 (Inherent)
Inherent ASTM E84
FR WallpaperMeets EN15102 Class B-s1, d0 (Inherent)
MatchHalf Drop Match
Other InfoThis is a wide width wallcovering - one roll will cover an area of 6.89sqm (74.16sqft)
Vertical Pattern Repeat78.5 см (30.9")
Width68.6 см (27.0")
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