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Обои Zoffany | Коллекция Tespi Wallpapers Rialto Stripe

Rialto and Rialto Stripe Conceived by Peter Gomez in the Zoffany studio this design was given as a project to the winner of the Zoffany Wallpaper Award for the Camac* student wallpaper design competition Rachel Parker who executed it beautifully. The designs were created using gold leaf flakes on a coloured ground and have been printed by foil on gravure with layers of gold ink overprinted with transparent colour and opaque inks to recreate the lustre of the original designs. Both are available in five coordinating colours.
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  • Обои Zoffany | Коллекция Tespi Wallpapers Rialto Stripe
Design NameRialto Stripe
Design ScaleLarge
FR InherentMeets EN15102 Class B-s1, d0 (Inherent)
Inherent ASTM E84
FR WallpaperMeets EN15102 Class B-s1, d0 (Inherent)
MatchHalf Drop Match
Other InfoRecommended Paste Zoffany Black Lid Ready Mixed Tub Paste
Vertical Pattern Repeat52.0 см (20.5")
Width52.0 см (20.5")
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