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Обои Sanderson | Коллекция Aegean Vinyl Wallpapers

Sea sprays, sparkly coral, fossils and wind-blown cascades of blossoms set the scene for the Aegean wallpaper collection, a fusion of natural organic imagery in soft mineral colours. A subtle thread of oriental influence also weaves its way through the ten vinyl wallpapers which are designed to coordinate with, or complement the luxurious Aegean fabrics. They have been printed using a combination of matt and metallic inks which create a lustre and depth that gives walls a subtle, ever changing feel.  Embossed with rich effects, from silk slubs to fine linen weaves, these vinyl wallcoverings offer a textural finish and have the added advantage of being durable and hard wearing – useful for high traffic family rooms and hallways, kitchens and bathrooms.

Обои Sanderson | Коллекция Aegean Vinyl Wallpapers Io
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